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helps determine where you can fly within your budget. Similar to the “explore” page of, but exclusive to Europe, and on very, very cheap flights
A personalized itinerary that you can create pdf file and print or, send to your smartphone, With the app you can use it — and the city map that comes with it — even when you’re offline (no roaming charges)
Matches hosts from around the world with travelers looking for unique local experiences. Could mean volunteering to teach English or doing farm work in exchange for lodging and meals, or simply paying a small fee to move in with a local resident. The site is not overly populated with opportunities yet, but shows a lot of potential
Flight search engine that specializes in international routes — per the NY Times, the Achilles’ heel of the sites you already use, whether you know it or not. Vayama simply seems to know about more airlines and often finds two one-way flights on different airlines that beat out a round-trip flight on a single one. Will occasionally offer a lower price on a “secret carrier” whose identity you don’t learn until you’ve booked the flight.
Compare many hotel sites at once
ree online travel community whose site contains treasure troves of articles written in a variety of styles, organized into topics like “art and design,” “culture and religion” and “language and study abroad
You could just go to and book a ticket, but in many cases you’ll pay more than necessary. Mr. Smith’s site is friendly with no-frills-style but wealth of knowledge, and correct links to get you to the right booking sites.
No idea where you want to go?
The best travel guides are often expatriates who have lived in a destination long enough to know it intimately but still maintain an outsider’s perspective. This site lists over 300 expat blogs by destination, and in many you don’t have to delve very far to find travel tips disguised as personal narratives.

More Interesting Travel Sites (Enjoy the exploration)


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