Sunday, September 2, 2018

A French Frye in Paris

There is NO other blogger or Facebook page I follow closer than A French Frye in Paris. I am not alone as his followers are fully committed to his cause as am I.

Long overdue for a post to my blog, I have never been so excited to promote another blogger as I am today.

As it took years to gather the knowledge we now have with respect to our travels abroad, and specifically France, never did I realize how much I didn't know about Paris thanks to Corey Frye, an American in Paris.

Married to a Parisian and father of two, Corey is a tour guide, photographer, blogger and one of the most brilliant minds/walking-pedia of Paris. 

Not sure if that was gramatically propper but the past year has been an eye-opener for my husband and I thanks to his weekly live-stream walks through the streets of Paris.

For us, the education and insights of a city we thought we knew well has been profound. When I think of the books in our home library on Paris and France, Corey has taken us into places we could never find in a tour book.  

Corey takes you to the corners and neighborhoods of Paris one may never see especially those with less than a week in this magnificent city that can never be compared with any other across the globe.

I strongly encourage you to follow Corey on Facebook, and his Blog and consider watching his Saturday morning LIVE STREAM walks from Paris that begin at 10am CST.

So many of us who follow Corey now feel like he is our (little) brother helping us get to know our favorite city in a light that few are able to see. 

He has created this unmatched niche of bringing Paris to you in the privacy of your home. Once you join Corey on one of his walks you will not want to miss any future walks.

You can not only find his past Paris walks on his Facebook page but also on his YouTube page.  For his Patreon subscribers, there are additional benefits. Below are links to get to know Corey better.

If you love Paris this is the place for you.  Ron and I look forward to meeting Corey in the near future and know that because of his Parisian brilliance we will be enjoying Paris like we have never done before.

Visit Corey's Facebook Page: 

For detailed maps of Corey's Video Tours & other exclusive Paris content: